Various national POS campaigns for Argos
In partnership with PSONA Agency, we've been designing printed and online communications for Argos for over 6 years and have been integral in the brands transformation during that time. When a campaign gets briefed into us, we start off by mood boarding a range of visual territories and then explore those to find out how they can be made to work across the various communications required. The majority of what we produce is POS and marketing communications to showcase the offers they have on. These may take on the form of a Newspaper pull out magazine or social media posts.
Valentines Day campaign 2015.
Storyboard for digital in-store Valentines Day promotion.
Christmas campaign 2016.
The concept for this campaign was exploding baubles. We took different coloured glitter-filled baubles and fired a ball bearing at each one. We filmed this at super slow motion and the results were quite spectacular. We then selected stills from this session and rolled out our design across various POS and social media assets.
Spring/Baby campaign 2013
Christmas campaign 2012.
We created a range of Christmas themed illustrations that looked like they'd been created out of cut out pieces of paper. They were then adapted and reformatted to work across various printed and online collateral.
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