Printed and digital communications designed for The Balvenie Whisky
We've designed emailers, a mobile app, a website, all the content to go on the website and a range of printed materials over the last 4 years for The Balvenie. Since we've worked with them, they've always had a brand identity which portrays their craftsmanship and tradition, our task was a delicate one; to maintain this but to somehow bring it into the modern world. We did this by modernising their communications, using large photography on the website and combining their traditional 'serif' typeface with a modern 'sans serif' that compliment each other. We also did away with their previous off-white canvas texture that was widely used in backgrounds and replaced it with white space... plenty of white space.
Whisky and cheese booklet for The Balvenie
The Balvenie briefed us to design a booklet informing their customers of the seemingly unusual combination of whisky and cheese. These booklets were to go out as part of a pack containing mini bottles of The Balvenie's 12, 14, 17 and 21 year old whisky's as well as a selection of cheeses and a cutting board. This was aimed at their trade customers and the idea was that they could put on a themed night where their customers sample a range of The Balvenie products rather than just the standard 12 year old.
The Balvenie Whisky Feed
We designed the UX/UI for this app which acted as an online whisky tasting community allowing users to share their favourite expression, write reviews, read articles, upload photos and save untasted expressions to a wish list. Think of it as Facebook for Whisky enthusiasts. The UX was carefully planned out using wire frames and was tested thoroughly, resulting in a mobile app that was a pleasure to use.
Online promotions for The Balvenie website
We created online content and emailers to promote various competitions, events and general news for visitors of the website. Here's an example below, which was a competition for visitors to win a 'dipping dog'. Don't know what a Dipping Dog is? Well the content we designed and wrote explained the interesting story behind this unusual object.
An infographic wall chart to illustrate quarterly performance results accross a range of social media platforms. This was used primarily for The Balvenie Marketing team.
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