CPD Gold Award submission for Phd Media.
We were briefed to design the HR awards submission for Phd which outlines all the great things that the company do for their people throughout the year. It is something Phd take very seriously, making the presentation of the document very important. If they were to gain the certification this year, next year they will be going for the platinum award.

The document grid.
We used a 9 column grid, to act as a flexible framework, enabling us to create varying layouts allowing for captions, pull quotes and stats whilst maintaining a good level of consistency and alignment.
The finish.
The cover of the book was made of thick card, wrapped in cloth with the headline and branding foiled in gold which was fitting for the nature of the submission. The inside pages were printed on uncoated stock to give a tactile and authentic feel. Due to the likelihood of content arriving at the 11th hour, I decided that wire binding was the best option available as it was the most time flexible.
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