Design of various communications for NatWest Corporate & Commercial Banking:
Future Fit Manufacturing
Manufacturing in the UK is a big talking point in the world of finance and it's important that the UK keeps up with  market leaders across the globe. NatWest produce a lot of communications, documenting their understanding of the sector which demonstrates their knowledge of the challenges that existing and potential Manufacturing clients face. Our task was to take the existing look and feel of all their 'Corporate & Commercial' collateral and think of ways of distinguishing those that talk about Manufacturing in some way.
Concept 1: Hyper futuristic photography to show how UK Manufacturing might look in 10 years time.
Concept 2: Using photography where the focal point (the person) is unaware of the camera. This acts as a metaphor for a 'sneek peek' into the future of Manufacturing in the UK.
Chosen concept: High-tech photography of things like laser beams and nano-technology with a graphic device reminiscent of a circuit board weaving in and out of the image across the page. This depicts the journey that UK Manufacturing needs to embark on over the next decade.
A selection of report spreads.
Press ad and rotating web banner
Fold out infographic
Care home report
We were briefed to design a report detailing how Care Homes across the UK compare in terms of how energy efficient they are. It looks at the different types of heating being used and shows how investing in more eco-friendly methods such as solar power can pay off in the long term. The document was aimed at owners and Managers of Care Homes, so it was important to bring the information to life as much as possible to make it more visual and therefore easier to digest.
Infographic illustrating the tax benefits of the Annual Investment Allowance.
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