Brand guardianship and design of various printed and digital comms for RBS/NatWest.
Working alongside TCA and then PSONA, we have designed a vast array of creative work for RBS and NatWest. Our task has always been to maintain consistency across all materials designed and ensure that they adhere to the brand guidelines. This has meant managing assets when the two companies rebrand which has happened on a number of occasions over the last 8 years to gradually realign the public's perception of them. As well as designing beautifully crafted brochures, ads, posters, reports and emails, we've had to ensure that these periods of rebrand happen as smoothly as possible.
Guide to International Trade handbook
The A5 size handbook needed to educate Business Banking customers on the advantages and potential pitfalls of trading internationally. Our job was the make the content quick and easy to navigate and as visually interesting as possible. We achieved this by designing bold, eye-catching infographics to illustrate key information mixed with varying layouts and the use of photography to make each spread look different from the last. To make the content quick and easy to reference we colour coded each chapter and included a nav panel down the side of the pages so the reader could flick between chapters.
Quarterly emailers
These emails give Business Banking customers a quarterly update on all things in the world of business. 
2011 Ahead for Business
We helped to create this brand identity from scratch, building these montages of business related imagery to show the dreams and ambitions of business owners. This was a really impactful identity for both brands and was the start of them thinking less about what they do and more about what their customers do. This portrays them as a bank who understand the needs of their clients. Below are a selection of posters, web banners and a 48 sheet ad.
Here is some of the creative work we created before 2011. Quite a range of promotional flyers, press ads, posters and also direct mail, something we see less of these days.
This direct mailer was all about helping business owners prepare for the future and highlighting the services that RBS and NatWest have on offer. It was designed within the framework of an architectural blueprint, rolled up and then sent out in cardboard tubes.
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